Interlinked Property Solutions launch – Challenging the decline in home ownership

Interlinked Property Solutions launch – Challenging the decline in home ownership

With property prices fluctuating and cost of living expenses rising across many Australian communities, an alarmingly growing number of people are living in financial distress and facing a lifetime juggling rental properties.

Clearly many commentators are suggesting the great Australian dream of owning a home is now a looming nightmare for hard-working Aussies across all age groups and socio-economic circumstances – but there are options.

Monthly home price data released this week by CoreLogic shows that across Australia’s capital cities there was a price fall of 0.4 per cent during August, a drop of 1.2 per cent over the past three months and nearly 3 per cent over the past year.

Melbourne and Perth have experienced the greatest drops and while homeowners may not be rejoicing, Interlinked Property Solutions CEO, Greg Wickham, says current circumstances provide an opportunity for people who have been trying to buy the right property at the right price.

“The number of people living in rental properties has been rising because of the high cost of housing and it has been challenging for people who don’t understand the market to find the right property and the right lender and be able to build wealth and opportunity for their future,” Greg Wickham says.

“Real Estate is an investment in an asset and like any other investment is subject to change – most people just don’t have the knowledge and data to make an informed choice.

“Investing in property is a long-term investment, but whether a person is a first-time home buyer or large investor, clinical due diligence around the individual property and how that individual property has performed in the past and is likely to perform in the future, is essential.

“Knowledge is power and Interlinked Property Solutions (IPS) exists to partner with people who don’t have the time or resources to find the right property, in the right location, at the right price.

“By removing the frustration of not getting return phone calls from agents, being out bid on the perfect property, not knowing the broad range of loans on offer, or stressing about choosing the right offer, buying property becomes achievable and even enjoyable.”

Wickham, whose career spans 30 years in property, is launching Interlinked Property Solutions because he knows he can make buying, selling and investing in property much easier than it currently is.

“By providing valuable data to our clients they are empowered to make more informed property decisions and they have confidence in the knowledge that they are investing well,” Wickham says.

“We have developed a full suite of property services under the one umbrella that ticks the boxes of financing, conveyancing, legal advice, accounting, SMSFs, property management and more, designed to short circuit the whole buying, selling and investing process and give people access to the property market or the ability to grow their wealth in property.”

Wickham acknowledges that the real estate market has become a complex and dangerous environment but says most reported real estate data does not necessarily apply to an individual property.

“Data is holistic and property purchasers and investors find it hard to interpret changing numbers and how they apply to their individual property goals,” Wickham says.

“At the end of the day people will always need shelter and that requires a dwelling to be purchased but the timing of when people should purchase is subject to a number of factors.

“First and second home buyers are looking for the ideal location and are more likely to pay for it at any time in the cycle, while pure investors look more closely at cycles and always want a bargain.

“IPS has been created to support investors in their individual property journey, to remove complexities and create a safe environment for investors.

“By analysing the risk and interpreting data that has been independently assessed by qualified property professionals, our clients make the right property decisions.”

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