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Interlinked property valuers provide property valuation reports and advice to a variety of different clients including individuals, businesses and government authorities. Property valuation reports are used for a number of different purposes including pre-purchase/pre-sale, family court matters, accounting/tax matters and more.

Property Valuers Sydney - Property Valuation Company Sydney - Interlinked Property Solutions

One of Sydney’s most trusted property valuation companies.

Interlinked Property Solutions is a property valuation company based in Sydney. We have a team of highly experienced, knowledgeable and qualified property valuers – who specialise in both residential and commercial property valuations. When it comes to determining property value, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and accuracy.

Property Valuers Sydney - Property Valuation Company Sydney - Interlinked Property Solutions
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7 common reasons why you may need to order a property valuation.

Property Valuation for Famil Law & Family Court Purposes
Family Law

In the difficult circumstance where the value of property assets cannot be agreed upon, a valuation can be used to provide independent and non-biased advice for negotiation. In some instances, a valuer may also be appointed by both parties as a joint expert to provide valuation advice to the family courts.

Property Valuation for Pre-Purchase or Pre-Sale

An independent valuation prior to a buying or selling a property can give you the confidence to make the right decision around price setting or making an offer. It may also assist in the negotiation process or decision making around agent engagement.

Property Valuation for Transfer Stamp Duty
Transfer (Stamp) Duty

Transfer duty is payable in NSW when you buy property. In certain situations, evidence of value provided by a “suitably qualified person”, will be required to determine the property(s) value, and in turn the duties payable. This will include situations where property is being transferred between related parties. Interlinked valuers are members of the Australian Property Institute and meet the requirements under the definition of “suitably qualified person”.

Property Valuation for Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

In most instances, real estate assets utilised for investment or business purposes that were purchased after the 20th of September 1985, will be subject to CGT if sold. Whilst your main residence is generally exempt from CGT, if it has been used to earn rent or run a business you may be subject to CGT. In these instances, a valuation by a suitably qualified professional will be required to determine the value at a specific point in time.

Property Valuation for Self Managed Super Fund Assets (SMSF)
Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Valuations

There are complex rules around SMSF reporting including when, how and why an asset needs to be valued. Refer to A valuation from a qualified independent Interlinked valuer will ensure you meet the ATO requirements around objective and supportable data and ensure that the most appropriate valuation methodology has been utilised.

Property Valuation for Probate

In NSW Probate is a court order which gives permission for the executor to distribute Estate assets in accordance with the will. Where real estate assets are involved, a formal valuation by a qualified valuer will help determine the value and ensure real property assets are distributed equitably.

Property Valuation for Insurance Replacement Costs
Replacement Cost Insurance

Research has shown that the majority of homeowners in Australia are underinsured. A replacement cost valuation will ensure your real estate asset is adequately protected. This may be especially relevant for businesses or owners of more complex asset types. Interlinked partners with fully qualified Quantity Surveyors and can assist with any building cost enquiries.

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