Property Health Check Report

Property Health Check is a report designed to support clients in assessing potential property purchases.

Property Health Check Report

Have you found a property you really like?

It’s time to get a Property Health Check Report. This report provides a comprehensive overview and insights into the property being reviewed. It determines market value, identifies inherent risks, provides financial analysis, property advisors recommendations, photographs and any other supporting material obtained to form a report.

Property Health Check report

Property Health Check

What’s the difference between a Property Health Check and a Property Valuation?

A Property Health Check Report is an independent source of truth that provides a level of confidence in determining appropriateness to proceed to purchase from a buyers perspective.

The report is not a valuation, rather it is an in-depth look at the viability of the property to meet the clients objectives. The report includes:

Market Value


Financial Analytics Related To The Property



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What are the benefits of getting a Property Health Check before you purchase?

Identifies any inherent issues with the property disclosed or otherwise

Identifies a market value range of property

A point of difference in the market place, supports early offer negotiations with fact based information

Provides confidence in your decision or a better base to negotiating value prior to executing contract

Supports educated decisions

Knowledge is power