Property Price Negotiation Service

Need some support negotiating on property? Let us do the hard work and CLOSE THE DEAL.


We negotiate on client’s behalf through private treaty or bidding at auction.

As certified practicing property valuers and real estate agents we have the skills and qualifications to successfully negotiate on your behalf.

Property Investment Advice

Property Price Negotiation Service

How does our property price negotiating service work?

Avoid the discomfort of negotiating and the risk of overpaying for property. We can help you:

Identify what the property is worth through market assessment

Work with you to ensure the offer meets fair market value

Support you to establish what you’re reasonably willing to pay to be successful

Take the emotion out of the transaction to protect your interests

We negotiate directly with the agent on your behalf

Negotiation Support or Questions

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What are the benefits of letting us negotiate the purchase on your behalf?

Experience and qualifications to support fast, confident negotiating that delivers success

Won’t let you pay too much, we will secure the property for the best possible price

Provide current fact based property data to support informed offer value decisions

Give you confidence in making decisions and a better base to negotiate value

We understand excitement & emotional surrounding a purchase and work with you closely to maximise your chances & secure the property


What are the benefits of working with us to Bid at Auction?

We remove the discomfort of the bidding process

Don’t pay too much

Provide current fact based data to support your financial purchasing decisions prior to Auction

We know how to slow down the bidding and take control

We will help you manage the many emotions that go with a bidding process & staying on track

Give you confidence in making decisions or a better base to potentially negotiate value with purchasers prior to Auctions


Major Risks at Auction:

Getting caught in a bidding war and overpaying

Missing the behavioural signs of other bidders – are they going to keep going or just one bid away from stopping

Feeling emotional and not listening clearly

Feeling pressured by the Real Estate agents to keep upping the bid

Overpaying then Property Valuers for your Lender are unable to support the auction price paid potentially impacting your lending approval