Vendor Advocate

Selling your property and would like an advocate to help you find a suitable selling agent and negotiate with agent on your behalf? Interlinked can advocate on your behalf at NO additional cost to you.

Our Vendor Advocacy service reduces the stress of the selling process by managing on your behalf and guiding you every step of the way.

Understand your needs & determine market value
Short list selling agents, provide advice & recommendations
Negotiate commissions, marketing strategy & costs
Monitor agents performance
Manage process through to settlement

If you’re looking to sell your property Interlinked can support you by short listing suitable agents through fact based performance assessment, negotiate to reduce agents commissions, help you understand current market value of your property, project manage any property work required prior to sales campaign and then manage the process through to settlement with the agent on your behalf.

Book an appointment with a Vendor Advocate today.

There is NO cost to you

We will work with the successful end agent to have our fees paid through splitting the listing agents commission.


Achieve your selling goals

We help our clients to decide the right sales strategy for their property, reduce associated selling expenses, reduce days on market, maximise sale price.


Reduce complexities around selling

Interlinked Advisors and Partners will support you to make every step of the selling process as easy and seamless as possible.


What is a Vendor Advocate?

Vendor Advocate is an independent advisor who acts on your behalf to support fact-based decision making when selling.


Why engage a Vendor Advocate?

There are many advantages to having a vendor advocate.

To get a qualified view of property value.

We can help you understand current market value of your property by providing insights into property values in the subject area including “on the market” and “sold” data.

To find the best performing agents in the suburb.

Who is the top selling agent & why?

To interview and shortlist most suitable selling agents.

Let us review their sales strategy and price guidelines.

To expertly negotiate on your behalf.

Interlinked will negotiate commission and marketing strategies to support your decisions in real estate.

Take away the discomfort of dealing with an Agent.

We work with Real Estate Agents everyday, let us use our extensive experience to open effective and clear communication channels with the Agent.

Get an independent person negotiating on your behalf.

We are guided by your best interests.

To receive independent support and information based on fact and research.

Make an informed decision when it comes to selecting the right agent.

Get flexibility on how you work with us and the Agent.

You as the Client can choose to deal directly with Interlinked throughout the entire process or with Agent, as much or as little as you are comfortable with once the Agent is selected.

We are more than just Property Vendor Advocates

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